Testimonials from our Customers

 East Side Memorial LL

 Good Morning Ed, Everything   is fabulous!  The scoreboard is up and running.  The company that I do   business with at my job did the installation of the scoreboard for us.    He removed that old monstrosity and had to make some brackets for the   poles so the scoreboard would hang properly.  He also had to call in  an  electrician to redo the amount of electricity going to the  scoreboard  because the other one needed more "juice".  So after it was  installed an  working I asked him about the invoice if he had it with  him or if he  was going to mail it and he said "what bill?"  So not only  was our  scoreboard donated but the installation was as well!  
It   felt so good on Saturday to see the games played under our lights with  a  working scoreboard with play by play being announced!  Brought back   some memories from when my son played down there and I was his manager.    I attached some pictures of the finished product so you can see the  end  result. Thank you again for everything you  did to help  expedite this whole thing.  It is appreciated so very much!  And believe  me, if we need anything or if anyone asks where we got  scoreboard we  will definitely point them in your direction.  
Denise Simon

Palmerton Baseball

 Ed, the field dedication went perfectly! The entire Valo family was amazed with what we did for their father "Elmer".  

The sign works perfectly, and the little league organization was in aw  at the extent we went to make this day a once in a lifetime experience  for the Valo legacy. 

 Thank You,
Brad Beers 

North Scranton LL

Ed, Tonight will be the first games we actually get to use it and it  will be a huge all star double header. I will definitely send you  pictures. Thank you for everything. Great experience, great product. 

Thank you, 

John Donahue 

President NSLL